Your own Selenium cloud - run parallel tests with grids on your own commodity hardware in house

Record in Selenium IDE - run in Selenium cloud

Test functionality or monitor your web application from Nerrvana

Record in Selenium IDE. Run in the Selenium cloud.

Easily convert Selenium IDE scripts for use in testing or monitoring your web application.

Automate your testing with Jenkins easily

Run your tests on commit or by schedule with Jenkins and Nerrvana

Testing automation with Jenkins made easy.

Run tests on commit or by schedule using Jenkins and Nerrvana plug-in.

Monitor from the users point of view with real browsers

Send alerts 24/7 by email or push to PagerDuty

Monitor & Test on one platform.

Use subset of your tests and give your monitoring team a valuable resource for production servers functional monitoring. Get email - escalate with PagerDuty or your monitoring system.

Get your tests kick started by Nerrvana team

Functional, smoke, monitoring. Designed with open Java framework. Parallel tests run times faster. Handy reports speed up fixes.


Run selenium tests in PHP, Java, Ruby, Python or Perl. Nerrvana can run Cucumber, Capybara, Behat, PhpUnit, JavaUnit, TestNG, Thucydides, RobotFramework. Built your own? Bring it in!

Run framework of your choice

Have your own? Bring it in!


Run your Selenium code on Nerrvana without a need for customisation. Joining and leaving are so easy. There's no lock-in.

Fast & Unique.

Nerrvana runs your tests. After quick sync traffic goes from Nerrvana browsers to your application under test only. This is twice faster than other cloud solutions.


Virtual machines are always created from scratch and deleted when tests are complete. Want to run behind a firewall? Talk to us!