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By 2008 I was building web applications for 7 years. I had some ideas and a strong relationship with a client whose projects, I knew, could allow us to build any product we will choose - bootstrapped. I should admit - I did not write a single line of code for Nerrvana but its creation filled my life almost completely during last 3 and a half years. Yes - I wrote about a hundred pages spec at the very beginning, joined wonderful photos of Igor Siwanowicz with comics of Alex Bronzoff and draw interfaces you see inside our system and some other stuff - like posting 4527 messages on our internal forum.


He build Nerrvanas' core - huge piece of our system which produces and runs virtual machines executing Selenium code. His personage is not coincidentally in the middle of the action. He thinks in terms of bringing new 'target frames' and more effective 'ammunition' or working long days building new 'night vision device' or polishing latest and greatest 'laser sights' improving Nerrvanas' apparatus.
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Vadym works for VideoNEXT when he is not busy building custom RPM's and kickstarts for Nerrvana or fulfilling our never ending requests to install new instances or upgrade something somewhere. If Vadym doesn't know a thing it is either a Windows technology or it doesn't exist.


Alex is a PHP and JavaScript expert. I am sure he will smile if you will call him 'front end engineer'. Nerrvana UI, our web site, blog, forum - most of things you interact with in a browser are handled by code written by him. Besides Ideas & Answers phpBB mode created along the way is one of the Alexes' side projects accompanying Nerrvanas' development.
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Our team

We are building Nerrvana in bootstrapped mode. It was not easy. But we did it! We formed Deep Shift Labs in 2008 and soon started working on Nerrvana while continuing building web applications for our Australian client. We decided to invest our time into a product we own, love and going to use ourselves. In the great words of David Heinemeier Hansson this is our  'nice Italian restaurant in the web space'.