Nerrvana can check your code for syntax errors (PHP and Java) and missing libraries (Java). This feature is still in the experimental stage, so results may not be entirely accurate. You can skip validation entirely. This option is not yet available for delayed and periodic launches (Option 2).

If you select both Validate and Run, Nerrvana will attempt to run your tests regardless of validation results. If validation fails, the status will show 'Error' even if the tests are successfully completed.
How validation works:

PHP - Checks syntax of all PHP files inside the space.
Java - All Java files are added into classpath and compilation is attempted.

If Validation does not work properly in your project, please let us know.

The example above shows validation results from the 'Demo PHP' test run in the 'Demo' space we created. Despite generating an error, the tests ran successfully because the file with the mistake is not used by the tests.
There are a few ways to improve Validation, from our point of view.